I came to a Mindfulness Coaching session with an open but slightly skeptical mind … after all, I have been struggling with procrastination since grade school! But Curt, after listening carefully, coached me towards  the heart of the issue. He guided me towards a few simple yet radical strategies that have turned out to be both feasible and fun. I didn’t want or need therapy; I wanted coaching so I could expand my awareness and strategically outsmart my own mind, outmaneuver my own habitual defenses. And in a single session, Curt supported my discovery of ways to dismantle the bad mental habits that have tended to keep me from working productively and well. I’m thrilled! 
— F. M. Coaching client

I worked with Curt for a few sessions in preparation to lead a professional seminar and found the process to be very helpful. I find Curt has a unique combination of qualities that make him a great coach. First, he is professional in that he is dependable and knowledgable. Second, he is insightful and wise. This is exemplified by the insightful questions that he asks to probe my beliefs about myself and help me imagine living beyond these confines. Finally, he is very caring. When he asks questions, he is sincerely interested in knowing what I want, need, think and feel. Repeatedly, I would assume he was asking a leading question, only to be pleasantly surprised that he truly wanted to know my own answers. What Curt leads is a process of empowerment. As a result of our work together, I was able to connect with my audience with more authenticity and confidence. Thank you, Curt, for your guidance!
- C.D. Coaching client