Mindfulness in Corporations

Mindfulness-based training for employees, leaders and executives has a proven track record in many organizations including Google, Intel, Aetna, and General Mills. Research-based mindfulness practices will reduce the negative effects of stress, promoting healthy changes in employees and leaders.



Philadelphia Bar Association
Drexel Law School
Crozer Keystone Health System

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Mindfulness at Work

This research-based training will reduce the negative effects of stress, promoting healthy changes in employees. This includes improved coping skills with stress, enhanced performance, improved concentration, strengthened problem-solving abilities, and improved job satisfaction.

Work with increased ease and efficiency.

Mindful Communication

This training develops communication skills to Increase listening and speaking effectiveness. Participants will also develop mindful skills to reduce reactivity in stressful communications.

Listen and speak more effectively.

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Mindful Decision Making

This interactive program will enable you to incorporate mindfulness into your decision-making process. Learn to apply the tools of mindful decision-making to current decisions you face and leverage mindfulness to support team synergy. 

Make decisions more efficiently and with less effort.

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