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Philadelphia Bar: Mindful Decision Making

Mindful Decision-Making

CLE - Mindful Decision-Making
Business Law Section Mindfulness Series
Hosted by Saul Ewing LLP

Day-to-day decision-making can be stressful. For an attorney, the stress of decision-making is complicated by several factors: the legal issues themselves, the reactions of the involved parties, and the non-legal ramifications of any particular decision. Sometimes an attorney's healthy concern for the client's emotions and reactions can snowball into anxiety. All of this competition for mind share can stymie decision making. The challenge of decision-making may lead to delays in action, which can have worse consequences than a bad decision itself. It is said that"Mindful decision-making begins with the recognition of our need to act."

This program -- the second CLE course in the Business Law Section Mindfulness Series -- examines mindful decision-making and how a mindful approach leads to ethical decision-making. Our faculty will provide a mindfulness foundation, offer a definition for mindful decision making, and walk you through a process for making decisions mindfully and ethically. This interactive program will enable you to incorporate mindfulness into your decision-making process, apply the tools of mindful decision-making to a current decision you face, and leverage the skills of mindfulness to represent your clients ethically and zealously.

Mindfulness is an awareness of life in the present moment creating the opportunity to pause, breathe, and connect with oneself so that we may be able to moderate our reaction and respond thoughtfully to our clients and colleagues. For the same reasons, practicing mindfulness in law enhance our capacity to be more genuine and present for what arises in our interactions.

In this program, faculty will highlight:

  • Definitions of Mindful Decision-Making

  • A Process of Making Decisions Mindfully

  • Practical examples, resources and tips

Allow mindfulness to be an everyday tool to enable better focus in your practice of law and bring an enjoyment into your work environment.

Later Event: September 25
Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction