Building Community in a Mindful Village

As seen in Media News, Fall 2017

Media, Pennsylvania has declared itself a Mindful Village. This article exams what mindfulness is and how we can build a mindful community.

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness refers to a variety of techniques and practices that help us to pay attention to the present moment. As we integrate mindful practices into our lives, we benefit from increased awareness. The research-based benefits are considerable, including:

  • reduced stress.

  • improved mood and energy.

  • increased focus and mental clarity.

  • improved communication in relationships.

  • increased ability to manage difficult situations and emotions.

  • increased enjoyment and appreciation of life.

What is a mindful community? 

Creating and living in a mindful community is an opportunity for personal and communal transformation. The benefits of increased community awareness are considerable for our neighbors and our planet.

As a Mindful Village, core values will unite the Media community. Here are some values to consider: 

  • Simplicity - bringing balance to our busy and complicated lives.

  • Community - living in harmony with others.

  • Awareness - using mindful skills to cultivate continuously increasing awareness.

  • Ecological - striving to live more sustainably.

  • Educational - developing mindful skills and applying them to personal, professional, and community living.

  • Inclusivity - embracing diversity though increased mindful awareness.

Mindfulness Fridays in Media

Enjoy guided mindfulness practices with a supportive mindful community. Help shape the core values of our Mindful Village. Mindfulness Fridays is a monthly guided meditation practice and discussion from 6:00 - 7:30 at Enso Yoga, 319B W. State Street. For schedule and information, see