Life’s Meditative Moments

I was recently on vacation in Cape May, a charming resort town in New Jersey. After hearing about the Cape May Ferry, I decided to take the 80 minute boat ride to Lewes, Delaware. It was a beautiful morning with calm seas. There were several miles along the journey where you could not see any land. It had that middle of the ocean look and feel.

Screen Shot 2018-09-25 at 3.21.44 PM.png

After a day exploring Rehoboth and Lewes beaches, it was time for the return trip. The captain brought my attention to a pod of playful dolphins and one performed a skillful breach. My attention turned even more toward to beauty of the sea. There was no land in sight and the ocean breeze was delightful. In an instant, I felt like I had been meditating for hours. I felt an extraordinary sense of peace. My mind was clear of thoughts — just awareness of sights, sounds, sensations, and scents of the sea.

In that moment of extraordinary peace, I felt like mother nature was meditating me. Curt as frequent meditator became the “meditatee” — it was happening to me without any techniques or effort on my part. Such joy, such freedom. It was delicious.

Sometimes I experience this peaceful state when I practice mindfulness meditation. It tends to show up when I have the patience to sit for 45-60 minutes. What I learned from the ocean meditation is that deep peace is really just a breath away. It’s available in all moments. We just have to open to it.

I invite you to become curious about moments when life is meditating you. Enjoy!